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BlueCielo Showcases ECM Evolution in the Danish Market

Some 40 delegates from major companies based in Denmark and Sweden, including Leo Pharma, Coloplast, Thermo Fisher and a major public hospital, gathered together at BlueCielo’s annual event to discuss the latest developments in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software.

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Regulation of ships emissions leads to more efficient engines

Emissions from ocean-going ships are now being investigated and discussed in public, and there is a demand for stricter regulations. While land industries and other transport forms have been widely regulated during the last decades in order to limit the emission, the ocean transports have been ignored. This might be due to the fact that shipping takes place on the high seas away from populations who can readily see impacts of emissions has been part of the reason the industry’s fuel standards lagging behind other industries. Read the rest of this entry »

First HAKI costumer i Denmark

The Danish construction company S. Sejersen & Søn has from the 60´es imported HAKI-scaffolding. Now the more than 40 years old equipment is still in use along with the newly bought modern HAKI-components. Read the rest of this entry »