Danish freelance Journalist

Freelance Journalist and PR-consultant in Scandinavia

Freelance journalist Hans Henrik Lichtenberg performs a wide range of journalistic tasks for companies, individuals and organizations. Typically in the field of research, public relations and communications in the form of newsletters, consultations, press work and general text work – such as articles for newspapers and magazines. It can range from the large corporate biography to a short press release, newsletters and industry-specific news for Web/intranet and courses in journalism and written communication. Please see more about this at www.copenhagencorrespondent.com

Press release distribution in Scandinavia

I also help with the distribution of press releases and media monitoring and press campaigns. I write primarily in Danish and I have helped a lot of foreign companies with PR here in Denmark. Often by writing press releases targeted at the Danish and Scandinavian media. I also take care of distributing news and documentation of the effect via media monitoring.

Contact me:

mail: hh@ytr.dk

Phone: + 45 21 77 70 21

Here on this site you can find more than 1,000 articles, press releases, web texts and much more I have written over the years as freelance journalist . You can also check a couple of magazines and newspapers, I either have made myself or helped to produce this:

“Thanks for a great delivery – it is a pleasure to read. Goes directly into the concept and to our material. Simply can not get better. “

Kommunikationschef Per-Henrik Goosmann Ernst & Young

“Hans Henrik has been a tremendous asset to BizReport. He is an excellent freelancejournalist and also a great project manager. Hans Henrik independently developed and launched BizReport’s printed publication several years ago. Recently he did an amazing job at recruiting new talent for BizReport’s international edition. I highly recommend Hans Henrik, he would make a great asset to any organization.”

Andrei Puhov, Owner, CEO, Agency ApS / BizReport

“Hans Henrik has written for us as a freelance journalist since 2001. He has an amazing ability to understand the customer’s situation, whether it is politics, IT or product promotions, and formulate the text sharp and precise. “

Journalist PressWire ApS , Rene Hjetting.

“Hans Henrik is a business partner you will do all you can to keep. He is highly professional and diverce in his work, allways well prepared, and finally he’s very down to earth. These qualities of working close together for sure gives our mutual clients that ekstra topping on the product that makes them call again and again. I would bring freelancejournalist Hans Henrik Lichtenberg into new and complex jobs anytime, knowing his skills to be true. His website www.ytr.dk is a huge testimony of his past work and skills. “

Photojournalist Sofus Comer