Brochure: adServing is recruiting agents across Europe

Dette er en brochure som jeg skrev for adServing International i foråret 2009. Hent evt. den layoutede version i .pdf her:

– Be a part of the coming online advertisement revolution – join adServing Internationals network of regional agents
adServing International is now searching for agents across Europe. Being an agent for adServing International is a unique opportunity to join a leading company in an expanding market. We are seeking regional agents who are willing to engage in a close partnership and participate in the international marketing of the leading product in ad management.

Your market – your costumers
Being a regional agent for adServing International means that you have your own market, your own costumers and you make the decisions. Together we will create a perfect team consisting of your specialist market knowledge and our cutting edge products.

Your function
As an agent for adServing International you will be a significant player in your regions internet advertising market. You don’t necessarily have to be working in this area already as we take a long term view. We need a person or established company who recognizes the possibilities in a growing market:
Your function as agent for adServing International will be to:
• Develop relationships with your markets leading media agencies and media owners
• Generate appointments and travel to meet with current and prospective clients throughout the country
• Take a lead role in identifying opportunities and positioning the organization to obtain contracts to meet pre-defined targets
• Pursue proposals and assist in negotiations to obtain contracts
• Identify appropriate plans and implement a sales/ marketing strategy.

The potential
For the right person with the right organization behind him, there will be unlimited possibilities as a member of the adServing International team. Therefore we suggest that you already from the beginning of our cooperation focus solemnly on your task as agent for adServing International.
“With a complete and fully developed solution for ad management on digital platforms that are light-years ahead of competition, we believe that adServing will be the reference for years to come and the solutions that make the future happens. We are seeking agents who acknowledges this,” says Peter Lenthe , adSense International’s Europe Agent Executive.

Our commitment
adServing International will stand by you all the way. We are constantly refining our products to the changing demands in various markets, and we offer to assist you in your marketing efforts and especially in your start-up phase.
We will at all times be on standby in case you need assistance in major sales meetings, in case you or your staff needs training or any kind of advise, be it legal, technical or strategic. We have years of experience in very different markets and we are here to help you at all times. As an agent you will at all times be part of a network of adServing International agents across Europe. This means that inspiration, know-how and client-leads never will be far away.

About adServing International
adServing International A/S is Europe’s technology leading developer of ad management tools for electronic platforms. We follow the International standards for measurements and are an associated member of ABC-E in the UK. adServing International A/S, listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange, rents out advertising systems for use with online advertisements and other digital adverts. adServing International’s advertising systems are now in use in nine European countries. adServing have chosen to focus on the European market and expect to be represented in 25 countries by 2010. For more information about adServing International please consult

Life as an adServing agent
In Italy, Maurizio Silvestris and his partner have been regional agents for adServing International since beginning of 2009 with the independent company adServing Italy. The contract allows for the entire Italian market for the coming 20 years.
“Here in Italy the entire ad market is going digital and it happens right now. Everybody in the industry senses the future and we now have the tools to make it happen. Before we engaged with adServing International we did some market research and the responses for the product were overwhelming,” Maurizio Silvestris says.
He now aims at reaching a positive cashflow in 2010.
“This product is at technologically level that we have not seen in Italy yet. This gives us a head start in the next revolution of online advertisement. We can track across platforms, we can deliver a turnkey solution and we already have the features that the market will demand in a couple of years like integration between internet, TV, radio, mobile channels etc. We are sure that we will meet competition here in Italy but our product beats all other products we have seen on the market,” Maurizio says.
adServings technology is unique and immediately opens the doors to the decision makers. Maurizio Silvestris main task now is to build an organization and create sales, and he has his own philosophy about how to do just that:
“I have myself become a super user of the system and this allows me to take part in discussions on all levels with all kinds of personal in our client’s organizations. This way I can convince our coming clients with facts and since the product is already up and running in other markets we have references that our clients recognizes and respects.”

For further details please contact
Peter Lenthe , Europe Agent Executive
Tel +45 33 44 41 77

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On this map you can see in what areas we currently are looking for agents.