First HAKI costumer i Denmark

The Danish construction company S. Sejersen & Søn has from the 60´es imported HAKI-scaffolding. Now the more than 40 years old equipment is still in use along with the newly bought modern HAKI-components.

For more that 40 years the construction company S. Sejersen & Søn i Middelfart has used HAKI scaffolding.
Master bricklayer Ivan Sejersen, owner of S. Sejersen & Søn, says:
”We have continually bought HAKI since 1964 and there is hardly no difference to see from the old to the new components except from several improvements.”
Ivan Sejersen worked in 1964 for a Swedish company and saw then the scaffolding at a construction plant in Sweden. He was surprised about the usability and functionality of the equipment which at that time was unknown in Denmark. Ivan Sejersen told his father, who at that time ran S. Sejersen & Søn about it and recommended him to purchase a similar for the Danish market.

A unique product in Denmark
The intended use for the scaffolding for primarily to assist in building a 15 meter high chimney. Soon after the construction of a water deposit needed the new scaffolding.
“At that time we were the only company to have modern scaffolding and it really created a high demand,” Ivan Sejersen remembers.
The advantage of having only one system is that you get to know it well, says Ivan Sejersen. The workforce inspectors are satisfied because it makes their job easier when we only work with quality equipment and not different types combined with copy products. “Actually, we will never use anything else than HAKI,” Ivan Sejersen says.

25 years with the same costumer
In 1980 HAKI established a Danish division, and for the last 24 years sales manager Ove Brorsbøl has been along in several positions. His first task was to start a unit in Esbjerg, which he leaded for 8 years. Ove Brorsbøl is now sales manager for HAKI in entire Denmark. He has been in charge of the contact to prominent costumers like S. Sejersen & Søn and in that connection sold scaffolding during the years.

Picture text:
Sales manager for HAKI in Denmark Ove Brorsbøl shakes hand with Master bricklayer Sejersen from the company S. Sejersen & Søn after25 years of corporation as costumer and supplier.