Global Symposium for Telecom, Technology and Media & Entertainment

Nearly 300 partners and managers attended the global symposium in sunny Copenhagen 25-26 September 2006 to learn, study and network.

The global sector leaders presented their impressing results and commitment to continue building global relationships and market leadership in the Telecom, Technology and Media & Entertainment sectors.
John Harley, Vice Chairman of Global Accounts said in his introduction to the symposium:
“A few years ago, in the last part of the nineties, we had a very low penetration in these sectors. Now we have SONY, Disney, Phillips, Nokia, Siemens and many others. We now have market leadership thanks to our commitment to deliver seamless, consistent, high-quality client service, worldwide. We now need to use our position as market leaders to increase our market share, we have the unique know how in the sectors and it is our thought leadership that will give us the chance to be differentiate ourself from the competition.”
Both John Harley and the sector leaders were surprised by the numbers of delegates and quality of the discussions in the sector breakouts.
Partner and Member of Management in Denmark Søren Strøm has worked hard to host the Global Symposium a success in Copenhagen. He was very satisfied with the high level of participation, never has so many attended TCE symposiums.
“This really indicates our sectors commitment to be a truly global organization,” he said.
The Global Symposium in Copenhagen was continued the following days by several meetings for global account managers.