Record performance by new Danish straw burner

One of the most efficient biofuel firing plants in the world is now on the market. It provides significant environmental benefits and the Jutland based engineering firm Alcon, which has developed the plant, predicts that the burner will become a new sales success for Danish environmental and fuel technology.

New independent tests reveal that as much as 88 pct. of the energy in the straw can be used in the new burner, which is expected to be a great success. A few years ago efficiency of approx. 50 pct. was standard in straw burners – but development has been rapid.

“The high level of efficiency will make it even more attractive to use straw for heating. Agriculture produces large quantities of straw and the environmental benefits are of course greater if we can use this material in a better way,” says engineer and owner of Alcon, Svend Bisgaard Kristensen, who is pleased that biofuel will now be an even more interesting source of energy for both private and public plants. The straw burner is CO2-neutral, which means that the amount of CO2 that is released in the smoke during burning is exactly equal to the amount that would be released if the straw was left to decompose in the field. There are therefore significant environmental benefits in using biofuel.

The Testing Station for Small Biofuel Boilers at Bygholm Research Centre, has tested Alcon’s latest burner. The results of their investigations reveal that the burner beats all of its competitors’ previous records. This can be seen on the testing station’s homepage, where there is also a technical approval. You can see more at:

“This is a very big jump forward and we are very close to reaching the limits for the heating energy that it is technically possible to extract from biofuel,” explains Svend Bisgaard Kristensen. The secret lies in extremely efficient control of the oxygen supply to the combustion chamber together with insulation and the use of hot exhaust gases.

The first plant has already been delivered to farmer Thomas Knudsen from Give. In the past he has used 70,000 liters of oil a year to heat his chicken houses.
“The plant is working fine and we estimate that it will have paid for itself after eight years,” says Thomas Knudsen. He chose Alcon’s burner because of the high level of utilization and because it was the cheapest.

Alcon can also supply burners for large industrial plants that still use 88 pct. of the energy in the biofuel. Some of these burners are today exported abroad, primarily to Scandinavia and the Baltic.
Alcon has almost 25 years’ experience with biofuel burners and today produces burners of all sizes for all kinds of biofuels. The typical customers are large farms and industrial businesses in rural zones.

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