Successful supplier of application firewalls in Denmark

Web, XML, FTP application firewalls to protect applications against internet attacks are marketed in Denmark by the company Deny All who in short times has become established with partners and costumers as a state of the art security provider. The company specializes in advanced solutions for demanding and critical web applications are in the forefront in this area.

Deny All is an independent company specializing in developing high-end technologically advanced firewall solutions for all high demanding sectors. It is now represented in all of the biggest European markets, and is currently setting up a new division in Copenhagen. Its target group is all companies who rely on extensive web and SOAP/XML applications, but specially targeted towards sectors as finance, online trade and e-government.

Deny All’s rapid development and internationalization is due to the company’s superior technology in the field of specialized firewalls for high-end applications. The special features, security and efficient customer service make Deny All’s solutions the preferred security products in the major European banks. Deny All initially started out as a supplier for the bank industry, but a broader range of financial institutions, public institutions and internet companies all over Europe now use Deny All’s security and access applications.

Marie-Josée Spinosi, Deny All’s Marketing & Communications Director, says: “The IT sector in Scandinavia and especially Denmark is very technologically advanced, this goes especially for the financial sectors, online trade and e-government. For this reason we have chosen to focus on developing the Scandinavian market for IT application security. We already have divisions in Germany, Spain, Britain, Portugal and Austria, so it is natural to branch out to Scandinavia – also because of the industry’s increasing internationalization.”

Deny All has four product series:
• rWeb – a web and SOAP application firewall. Highest security level and effective operation of web applications. Compliant with PCI
• rWeb XML-edition application firewall
• sProxy – a web application gateway. Service, security and wide access for web applications.
• rFTP – a file transfer application firewall. Complete protection of ftp-servers and other file transfer applications.

Deny All has an extensive partner program ENAS and a close partnership with major players like SAP CONSULTING.

For more information, please contact:

Rene Hjetting
Press contact
Mob: +45 29 27 65 40

Marie-Josée SPINOSI
Marketing & Communications Director
Tel: +33 (0)1 40 07 47 19

About Deny All
Deny All is the European specialist of Web, XML and FTP application firewalls. Deny All delivers proven solutions to major organisations worldwide, across all market sectors. The product range, rWeb, rWeb-XML Edition, rFTP and sProxy, available in the form of software and appliances, ensures protection, authentication (SSO, SSL, X509, RSA SecurID, Radius) and acceleration of Internet, extranet and intranet transactions.

One single appliance is capable of protecting hundreds of web sites and Deny All’s easy-to-install solutions guarantee the highest level of protection against known and unknown attacks present in HTTPS, SOAP/XML and FTP(S) data streams. Developed initially to meet the critical demands of the banking sector and based on reverse proxy technology, the standard Deny All firewall, rWeb, has the advantages of 8 years’ production and 9 years’ continuous R&D investment. Today, rWeb implementations protect more than 2,000 web applications across the world.

Deny All’s headquarters are in Paris with European offices in Germany, Nordics, Spain and UK. The company is active across Europe.
A privately-owned company, Deny All’s major investors are Société Générale, Crédit Agricole Private Equity and Truffle Ventures. An HP, Crossbeam Systems and BladeFusion IBM BladeCenter partner, Deny All is a member of Liberty Alliance, OSSIR and CLUSIF.

2005 turnover was 3.3 M€.

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