Wholesale is the future of biomedical supplies

Outsourcing and increased focus on core business is building new markets for the supply chain of products supporting industrial microbiology. This trend is particularly seen in Medicon Valley during the resent years. One of the companies that have established a unique position in this market is the Malmö based Miclev AB.

Ten years ago, most companies in the life science sector would either produce their own supplies of products for microbiological processes or purchase each product individual. It has all changed now. Regulations need for documentation and know-how – not only about the single products but the entire line of the manufacturing process has paved the road for new product range specialists like Miclev AB.

Partner in validation
”We are more and more becoming the advisor instead of the supplier. Even our simplest products are to meet the demands of several national and international standards like ISO, GMP, USP, EN, AAMI and ANSI. We are becoming our costumer’s partners in documenting how their manufacturing processes as a whole are meeting these criteria,” says the CEO and owner of Miclev AB, Fredrik Alexanderson.
Fredrik Alexanderson and his staff are constantly updated by the producers about new technological improvements, regulations and industry best practices.

One-stop for biomedical supply
The idea for a one-stop-shopping of biomedical equipment was inspired by trends in the American markets back in the beginning of 1990’. In a few years Miclev established a unique position among the developing Medicon Valley. With a yearly growth rate of 30 % and a recognized brand among the most important players in the sector Miclev AB have been able to found a considerable base of know how in terms of validation and implementation of complete industrial processes. To this comes an extensive warehouse of product numbers right in the heart of Medicon Valley available for immediate delivery.

More than 4.000 products
Miclev has specialized in the following product lines:

• Biological Indicators
• Prepared Culture Media
• Contamination Control
• Microbial Air Samplers
• Microorganisms

The product range consists of more than 4.000 items –from Biological Indicators to advanced medical equipment as Microbial Air Sampler Systems. Whether optimal yield in your production process is the case, reliable QC practices, or confidence in environmental monitoring, Miclev has the products that can address these applications and more. Miclev is constantly updating the product lines and will in the coming weeks be able to offer new and more effective way of industrial managing of microorganisms.

About Miclev AB
Miclev AB is situated in Malmö, Sweden and supplies the Scandinavian market with diagnostic products for industrial microbiology and contamination control. The product range address the pharmaceutical and bio-technical industries as well as other laboratories where the products are needed.Miclev AB offers a very wide range of products that cause many customers to look upon Miclev AB a one-stop-shopping alternative. All products come from suppliers who are at the forefront of their respective product segment.
Meet Miclev at Biotech Forum & Scanlab, here Miclev will introduce a new and revolutionizing way of handling microorganisms. For more information, product documentation and graphically product view please visit www.miclev.se. Here you will also find Miclev ABs online shop.